Give Your Feedback on Grizzly Bear Management – Green River & Pinedale


GREEN RIVER & PINEDALE — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will begin conversations with the public to talk about grizzly bears and grizzly bear management.

Game and Fish will be holding community meetings statewide starting Nov. 8 through December where all people with an interest in grizzly bears can talk with wildlife managers.

In May of last year the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved a new version of its grizzly bear management plan.

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Now that the species has been delisted, management in Wyoming will be guided by this plan.

These meetings will be an opportunity for those who are interested to weigh in on all components of grizzly bear management and ask questions.

The meeting schedule includes:

  • Nov. 8,  6 p.m. – Casper – Game and Fish Casper Regional Office
  • Nov. 8,  7 p.m. – Laramie – Game and Fish Laramie Regional Office
  • Nov. 9,  6 p.m. – Sheridan  – Game and Fish Sheridan Regional Office
  • Nov. 15,  6 p.m. – Jackson  – Virginian Lodge
  • Nov. 16,  6 p.m. – Pinedale – Game and Fish Pinedale Regional Office
  • Nov. 29,  6 p.m. – Green River – Game and Fish Green River Regional Office
  • Nov. 30,  6:30 p.m. – Cody  – Holiday Inn
  • Dec. 4,  6 p.m. – Lander  – The Inn at Lander