Golden Hour Steps Up to Provide Meals to Young at Heart Patrons

Golden Hour Steps Up to Provide Meals to Young at Heart Patrons

Sweetwater County is blessed to have two senior centers in Young at Heart Senior Center and Golden Hour Senior that are willing to pull together for the sake of their patrons, and they showed that sense of community recently when Golden Hour provided meals for Young at Heart seniors for a little over a week.

When a Young at Heart staff member tested positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus and several others were required to quarantine, Young at Heart was left without a kitchen staff.

Young at Heart Director Rachelle Morris said with no kitchen staff, they were unable to feed their patrons from November 16 through November 24. That’s where Golden Hour Senior Center stepped in to help out.

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“I called Jackie (Grubb) at Golden Hour and asked if they might be able to help out and she was more than willing and able to do so,” Morris said. “Her and her staff stepped up and made sure that our people would be fed and taken care of.”

Jackie Grubb, Executive Director at Golden Hour Senior Center, said that even with the extra work, they were more than happy to help out. The Golden Hour kitchen staff ended up making 115 meals per day for Young at Heart for approximately 700 meals in total. This is in addition to Golden Hour’s curbside and home-delivered meals.

“We have served over 1,750 meals to seniors in Sweetwater County during this time period,” Grubb said.

Morris said Young at Heart is extremely thankful for Golden Hour’s help, and they would be glad to return the favor if ever needed.

“We sincerely appreciate their help and should they ever be in the same situation we would be more than willing to do the same for them. We absolutely love Golden Hour and their willingness to step up and help when we needed it. Jackie and her staff are a great example of what it means to be a part of our community,” Morris said.

Despite preparing for Thanksgiving lunch, which is Golden Hour’s biggest meal of the year that they serve on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, Grubb said the staff had no qualms about helping. It was an easy decision to step up and provide the meals.

“Our staff was more than happy to help and have had a positive and caring attitude for the seniors in Rock Springs and the staff at Young at Heart throughout this stressful time,” Grubb said.