Gordon Signs Order to Allow for More Propane Delivery

Gordon Signs Order to Allow for More Propane Delivery

Recent frigid temperatures have created more demand for propane in Wyoming. Governor Gordon's executive order allows for a larger number of deliveries through March 18, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

CHEYENNE โ€” Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has signed a temporary executive order for propane deliveries to prevent any potential propane shortages.

The order temporarily puts in place emergency rules for the Wyoming Department of Transportation that allows drivers to make extra propane deliveries to homes and businesses.

The order is effective February 17 through March 18. Demand for propane, which many people use to heat their homes, has increased because of recent frigid temperatures throughout the state.

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The emergency rule suspends regulations on driving hours to allow drivers to meet the increased demand but still indicates drivers cannot be on the road when they are fatigued.

The propane delivery companies are specifically asked to take extra precautions to ensure both the public and drivers’ safety. This order is specific to drivers bringing propane to Wyoming or doing in-state deliveries.

The order also puts Wyoming in line with other surrounding states, which have implemented similar executive orders. For questions about enforcement, contact Commercial Carrier Capt. Dan Wyrick at 307-777-4312.