Gov. Gordon Tells Congressional Committee Wyoming Will Continue Leading Natural Gas Production

Gov. Gordon Tells Congressional Committee Wyoming Will Continue Leading Natural Gas Production

Governor Mark Gordon at Legislative session. Photo by Michael Shane Smith

CHEYENNE — Governor Mark Gordon told a Congressional committee that Wyoming’s leadership in natural gas production will continue to help fuel the nation’s economy. He also reasserted the state’s commitment to carbon capture and sequestration, and emphasized that Wyoming does not need an additional layer of federal regulation of methane emissions.

“In Wyoming, we manage our natural and mineral resources exceptionally well, providing for both environmental stewardship and energy production,” the Governor said in his testimony to a House Select Committee.

“Throughout the past 26 years, Wyoming has been recognized as a national leader in regulating air emissions from oil and gas production. Our history and experience have shown that the best regulatory process is at the state and local levels. In short, let the states do their jobs.”

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A 2021 study by the Georgia Institute of Technology concluded that Wyoming has the lowest fugitive methane emissions associated with the production of natural gas of any western state.  

The Governor told the committee that fossil fuels will continue to be an important mix in providing a consistent, reliable source of energy for our country. He said that Wyoming remains committed to the use of carbon capture to keep an “all the above” energy strategy for both our state and the nation. He also talked about the critical role played by timely oil and gas lease sales to ensure efficient development. 

His testimony also recounted Wyoming’s long-standing program to plug orphaned oil and gas wells, funded through the use of the bonds paid by the companies that abandoned the wells and a conservation fee that is paid by the oil and gas industry. Wyoming is a national leader in this effort. In addition, Governor Gordon talked about the state’s work in addressing fugitive methane emissions and initiatives related to the production and utilization of hydrogen.

The Governor’s testimony to the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis can be viewed here.