Governor Mead Names Three to Colorado River Positions

Governor Mead Names Three to Colorado River Positions

CHEYENNE, Wyo – Governor Matt Mead has selected three Wyoming citizens to serve in positions that support Wyoming’s participation in the management of the Colorado River. The three are being named, in part, to fill positions that were previously held by Dan Budd, who passed away in September.

Mr. Randy Bolgiano and Mr. Keith Burron have been named as Alternate Wyoming Commissioners to the Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC).  Where previously Wyoming had two Alternate Commissioners, there now will be three due to the rising importance to Wyoming of water supply and use issues in this basin.

The UCRC is an interstate, administrative agency established by the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact of 1948 (Upper Basin Compact).  UCRC members consist of a Commissioner representing each of the four Upper Division States of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming (Upper Division States) and a Commissioner appointed by the President of the United States who serves as the Chair of the Commission.

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The Commission assists the Upper Division States in developing their apportionments of Colorado River water pursuant to the Colorado River Compact of 1922 and the Upper Basin Compact, and has specific responsibilities to assist in implementing the Upper Basin Compact consistent with laws of the Upper Division States.

Benjamin Bracken of Green River continues to serve in the third Alternate Commissioner position.

Mr. Bolgiano is a rancher from Boulder, Wyoming and has been active in the Green River Basin on water and other natural resource activities for more than two decades.

Mr. Burron is an attorney for Crowley Fleck in Cheyenne focusing predominantly on water rights, natural resources, public lands, water quality, oil and gas, and regulatory matters. Mr. Burron has been an active member of the Colorado River Water Users’ Association for almost 20 years. The two will serve on the Commission along with Wyoming’s Commissioner, State Engineer Patrick Tyrrell, and Ben Bracken of Green River, also an Alternate Commissioner.

Governor Mead has also named Mr. Chad Espenscheid of Big Piney to serve as one of three Wyoming representatives on the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum (Forum).

Mr. Espenscheid is a rancher and small business owner.

Created in 1973, the Forum is an organization of the seven Colorado River Basin states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

The purposes of the Forum are to coordinate salinity control efforts among the states, coordinate with federal agencies on the implementation of the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program, work with Congress on the authorization and funding of the Program, act to disseminate information on salinity control and otherwise promote efforts to reduce the salt loading to the Colorado River.

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