Governor Stresses The Importance of Wyoming’s Healthcare Workers And Staying Home

Governor Stresses The Importance of Wyoming’s Healthcare Workers And Staying Home

Photo Courtesy of Governor Mark Gordon's Facebook live video.

CHEYENNE — On Sunday evening, April 5, Governor Mark Gordon and First Lady Jennie Gordon used social media as a way to communicate their message to Wyomingites.

“We’re trying to strike the right balance, between protecting public health and keeping essential businesses and services open,” First Lady Gordon said. “That requires each of you to do your part.”

“Stay at home, shop only for necessary essentials, and when you’re shopping, go shopping alone,” Governor Gordon said.

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They encouraged Wyomingites to remember their neighbors, especially their elderly neighbors, and check on them to see if they need anything.

“Every night as we look at the news, we can see the rest of the country struggling with increasing cases of COVID-19,” Governor Gordon said. “We’re working everyday to secure adequate supplies of personal protection equipment for our healthcare workers and our first responders. We want to make sure we have an adequate supply of ventilators, should those become necessary.”

First Lady Gordon said the critical element is the healthcare workers themselves.

“We cannot allow them to become overwhelmed,” First Lady Gordon said. “They are courageous and indispensable.”

“They simply cannot be replaced,” Governor Gordon said. “And if we don’t have them, all the beds and ventilators in the world won’t help us.”

Governor Gordon said they are looking at data and statistics to become more prepared. Since Wyoming is such a rural state, it will have more time to get ready.

For the Governor Gordon’s and the First Lady’s complete message, watch the video below.