GR Animal Control to Use Donations to Construct Second Dog Yard

GR Animal Control to Use Donations to Construct Second Dog Yard

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Animal Control will use donation funds to construct an additional yard area for dogs to have outside time at the shelter.

The Green River City Council approved a budget resolution Tuesday night that transfers $14,177.80 from the Animal Control restricted donation account into the Animal Control general account. The construction of the yard is expected to cost $11,100.

Green River Chief of Police Shaun Sturlaugson said that the second yard will allow more dogs to be outside as well as keep bigger and smaller dogs separated. Additionally, it will allow staff to interact with citizens and animals in a large yard area for better evaluation of animals and how they interact with each other.

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Animal Control will also use $887.80 to replenish their microchip stock.

“The Animal Control division has a microchip program to help owners identify their animals when they get away from them. They’re out of microchips right now and they typically use donation funds,” Sturlaugson said.

The remaining $2,200 of the funds being moved will go towards upgrades to the existing backyard area. Chief Sturlaugson said that the yard occasionally gets damaged from dogs playing and digging so they need some concrete in a few areas. 

Both the repairs to the existing yard and the addition of a second yard will improve the function and effectiveness of the shelter and its programs, and will provide a safer environment for employees.

Council Member George Jost said he stopped by Animal Control to learn more about their plans, and that the second yard seems to be a good project.

“Looks like a really worthwhile project, and they’ve been saving money for a few years so proud of them to be able to do that,” he said.

Other Business

The Council appointed Marty Carollo to the Joint Powers Telecommunications Board for a three-year term beginning September 5, and expiring August 31, 2026. They also appointed Council Member Ron Williams to the Sweetwater County Tripartite Board for a three-year term beginning October 1, and expiring September 30, 2026. Stephanie Johnson was also appointed to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board for a three-year term beginning September 5, and concluding on September 5, 2026.  

Mayor Pete Rust also proclaimed the month of September as Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hunger Action Month, and Suicide Prevention Month. Additionally, Rust proclaimed September 15 as POW/MIA Recognition Day, and the week of September 18-24 as Diaper Need Awareness Week.

The Council additionally approved for the city to enter into a Professional Services Agreement in the amount of $7,500 with Jones & DeMille Engineering, Inc. for topographic surveying services. This is for the Special Purpose Tax projects expected to be constructed in 2024 and 2025 on the streets Faith Drive, Evans Street, and River View Drive.