GR Council to Consider Donation Program for Therapy Canine

GR Council to Consider Donation Program for Therapy Canine

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will consider establishing a restricted donation program for the Green River Police Department’s Therapy Canine Program during its meeting Tuesday night.

The Council will meet at Green River City Hall at 7 p.m. Tuesday, December 21. With the recent creation of the Therapy Canine Program, which assists victims of crime during interviews and courtroom testimony, the community has been eager to offer support through monetary donations.

Most recently, the Woman’s Club of Rock Springs donated $800 to go toward therapy canine Buddy’s veterinary needs, training, and care.

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According to Council documents, “establishing a restricted donation program would streamline acceptance of donations by eliminating the need for council action to accept each individual donation and provide a single account for tracking how donations are used.”

The documents added that donations could be utilized for canine training, equipment, veterinary care, public relation materials, and other similar expenses related to the Therapy Canine.

Other Business

The Council will also consider awarding the bid for the sale of Lincoln School addition tracts B & C and entering into a purchase and development agreement with J S Construction. The bid amount was $70,000.

To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.