GR Council to Consider Moving Funds for Animal Control Projects

GR Council to Consider Moving Funds for Animal Control Projects

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will consider moving funds to allow Green River Animal Control to to purchase more microchips, improve the existing dog yard, and construct an additional dog yard during its meeting Tuesday.

Animal Control is asking for $14,178 to be transferred from the Animal Control Restricted Funds line item to the Animal Control General Budget so they can purchase microchips to replenish their diminishing stock and make other improvements to the shelter’s environment.

One improvement includes repairing the existing yard behind the shelter to stop damage that has occurred from dogs digging around the existing fence. Animal Control is also seeking funds to build a second yard to allow more outside space for animals to have exercise and outdoor time.

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According to meeting documents, the second yard will also allow staff to interact with residents and animals in a large yard area for better evaluation of animals and how they interact with each other. Both the repairs to the existing yard and the addition of a second yard will improve the function and effectiveness of the shelter and its programs and it will provide a safer environment for employees, the request states.

Donations received by the shelter will help to make these projects happen and this is why staff is asking for the funds to be moved, which is why the funds need to be transferred with Council approval.

Other Business

The Council will consider appointing Marty Carollo to the Joint Powers Telecommunications Board for a three-year term beginning September 5, and expiring August 31, 2026. They will also consider appointing Council Member Ron Williams to the Sweetwater County Tripartite Board for a three-year term beginning October 1, and expiring September 30, 2026. The last appointment up for consideration is Stephanie Johnson to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board for a three-year term beginning September 5, and concluding on September 5, 2026.  

Mayor Pete Rust will proclaim the month of September as Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Month, Hunger Action Month, and Suicide Prevention Month. Additionally, Rust will proclaim September 15 as POW/MIA Recognition Day, and the week of September 18-24 as Diaper Need Awareness Week.

The Green River City Council will meet Tuesday, September 5, at 7 p.m. at Green River City Hall. To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.