GR Council to Consider Rezoning Ordinance on Third and Final Reading

GR Council to Consider Rezoning Ordinance on Third and Final Reading

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will consider approval of an ordinance Tuesday night on third and final reading to amend the City of Green River’s official zoning map to rezone property on Bridger Drive for the purpose of a fuel kiosk.

The Council will meet Tuesday, April 19, at 7 p.m. at Green River City Hall. The votes for the first and second reading both passed with only one vote against. Councilman Robert Berg was the vote against each time.

Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Inc. is the applicant on the request for the amendment to Green River’s Official Zoning Map. Smith’s is requesting for the parcel located at 1175 Bridger Drive to be rezoned from B-2 (Downtown Business) to B-1 (General Business), with the intent to construct a fuel and concession kiosk on the property.

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The current property consists of the United Pentecostal Church. If the rezoning is approved, the church will be taken down. The B-2 zoning allows for the concessions kiosk, but to facilitate fuel sales on the property, it needs to be rezoned to B-1.

During the first reading and second reading, there was one concerned resident who worried about lighting at night, trash, and increased traffic. However, representatives for the project assured that the lighting wouldn’t be an issue and they would do a traffic study prior to constructing the fuel kiosk. Mark Westenskow, Public Works Director, said the city does not require a traffic study during the rezoning phase of projects, but they may ask for one for the site plan review.

A representative of the proposal also said the vast majority of the customers will be those who are shopping at Smith’s, meaning there will not be a big increase in traffic. He also clarified that the kiosk is not a full walk-in convenience store, but rather will be a small area that will be manned by one person. It will have limited drinks and snacks and will only be open during day hours. At night, the fuel pumps will be operated with credit cards only.

To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.