GR Council to Hear Appeal for Recent Denial of Subdivision Preliminary Plat

GR Council to Hear Appeal for Recent Denial of Subdivision Preliminary Plat

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will host a public hearing Tuesday night regarding the appeal of the Green River Planning and Zoning Commission’s recent denial of the Pipeline Estates Subdivision Preliminary Plat.

According to meeting documents, the proposed development would establish five lots on the property located at Tract B, Collier View Estates (Northwest end of River View Drive), Green River.

“Two lots would lie uphill (southerly) from a pipeline corridor, with three lots below (to the north). The pipeline corridor would be conveyed to the City of Green River as right-of-way. The new lots would utilize existing River View Drive infrastructure for access and circulation, and for water and sewer,” the documents state. 

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The preliminary plat was submitted with an 80-feet corridor right of way. However, testimony was heard during the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings on August 10 and September 14 in which external agencies recommended that the corridor be no less than 100-feet wide. 

In an email sent from Mike Brown, Chairman of the Green River Planning and Zoning Commission, to Phillip Stanton, the property owner, Brown stated that the width of the corridor was the reason for the denial of the plat. 

“After considering the facts in this case, the Planning and Zoning Commission denied your request for approval of the Preliminary Plat of Pipeline Estates. The Preliminary Plat was denied in accordance with the criteria that the Planning and Zoning Commission is allowed under the State Statutes and City Zoning Ordinances. The Planning and Zoning Commission determined that you would need to dedicate an additional 20’ section on the South side of the pipeline, making the right of way 100’ wide in order to gain approval of the subdivision,” Brown said in the email. 

Stanton is now appealing this denial in front of the City Council in hopes of receiving approval for the subdivision. 

Green River Public Works Director Mark Westenskow wrote in a document that: “Four major pipelines exist within an existing 50’ easement across the property. This easement is proposed to be expanded to an 80’ right-of-way to accommodate a recommended 50’ wide setback from existing pipelines to permanent structures on the northern side.” 

He added that the additional 20-feet has been requested to increase the setback on the southern side of the pipeline right-of-way. 

“This additional width would provide adequate room for future pipeline maintenance activities to occur within the right-of-way without placing the burden of excavation and construction traffic on the 20’ easement (driveway),” Westenskow said. “Public Works agrees that this is an important consideration.”

However, Westenskow said that adding the 20-feet would also jeopardize the viability of the fifth lot of the subdivision, Lot 5, because it may render it too narrow to function on the steep slope. 

“The viability of Lot 5 as currently depicted will already depend on creative design to establish a workable building site due to the steep grades,” he said. 

The Council will hear comments during the public hearing and will then vote on a resolution to either approve or deny the appeal for the preliminary plat. The meeting will be Tuesday, December 6, starting at 7 p.m. at Green River City Hall. 

To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here