GR Council Works To Set Goals For City

GR Council Works To Set Goals For City

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council, city department heads and administration have been working on setting goals for the City of Green River. The city’s goals, a rough draft for now, were submitted by council members as well as city administration and department heads.

“A lot of the goals that are being done are trying to take some of the assets like the river corridor and the downtown and develop those areas to help us with tourism and economic development,” City Administrator Reed Clevenger said. “Take advantage of the resources we have and get people to start expanding those areas.”

Clevenger said instead of implementing new plans, they are taking what is already in place and “establishing priorities that’s been seen by the governing body based on the funding available and the resources.”

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Various plans and studies are already in place, such as the city’s master plan, the Blue Canopy, the 2026 Vision, and the strategic plan, the council assessments and branding studies, Clevenger said.

“Most of the goals are geared around economic development. We’re now finally able to address some of those issues. Beautification is done, now we’ll build on quality-of-life which is what Green River is known for.”

– Reed Clevenger

“A lot of these goals are really synergistic with one another,” Clevenger said. “We’re already doing a lot of that, meaning we’re keeping everything tied together. We’ve been able to look at the broader vision.”

“Green River’s kind of a quality of life community, and that’s one of the areas that is used quite a bit,” Councilman Gary Killpack said.

City of Green River Goals (Rough Draft):

Process – not to restart or implement new studies

Use What We Have – Comprehensive Master Plan, Blue Canopy, 2026 Vision from 2011 Strategic Plan, 2013-2018-2028 Strategic Planning Summary, Wyoming Rural Development Council Assessment, branding study, etc.

Establish Priorities As seen by Governing Body and Administration based on funding availability and other resources.

  • River Front and River Corridor
  • Consolidation of Facilities and or departments
  • Expanding Rooftops and Real Estate
  • UP Depot Mitigation and then development
  • 2nd South Corridor as it pertains to connector for downtown and riverfront
  • Ordinance and Code Updates and Changes allowing for business development, housing, etc.
  • WW Treatment Plant to replace the current outdated one
  • Continuation of the Utility Rate Study
  • Maintenance and or updates of assets

Longer Term Goals –

  • Work with “partners” to ensure a “Safe and Family Friendly Community” creating a secure feeling throughout the community, and to provide opportunities to residents to lead active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Creating “An Active Downtown and Riverfront” by attracting new uses, bring out the history and character, and create synergy between downtown and riverfront.  Including Depot restoration, expanding splash park, wetlands, trails and greenbelt, housing and shopping options, viaduct restoration, etc..
  • Develop a “Vibrant Economy and Tourism Industry” that tap into Green River’s history and recreational opportunities.  Work within an economic development framework that includes multiple partners of the region and state (Chambers, SEDC, WEDA, WBC, Wyoming Tourism, etc).  Add Grants person to help develop and lead a true downtown renovation utilizing public and private partnerships, grants and funds.
  • Explore all means of efficiency improvements in delivery of services, equipment, supplies, building and street improvements, utility usage, use of consultants to lessen costs to the City and maintain reasonable rates for our citizens while also maximizing funding sources and grants – Commitment to creating and managing synching funds for buildings, equipment, and Emergency Services
  • Re-evaluate street repairs and vehicle replacement program
  • Beautification of Flaming Gorge Way
  • Bring back events that bring in tourists are a part of the quality of life in Green River (like Crystal Classic and Kite Festival)
  • Look at positions that were reduced or eliminated due to cutbacks that could/should be brought back to better serve the city, its assets and programs, and our residents
  • Don’t move corrals
  • Restoration of viaduct
  • Re-think Expedition Plaza – Park shop centralized with other divisions?  Create space for a nice restaurant there with more parking, trail and green belt access, other viable area businesses, or a motor home park. (Blue Canopy Study). Expand Splash Park and make the Island a better destination spot.
  • Possible 2nd River Bridge to freeway and housing development across river by Stratton or one that gets traffic to downtown
  • Continue working on depot
  • Rec Center update to facilities – equipment replacement, space utilization, interior update
  • Complete a City “building” and a “park” asset assessment and review  –  Create a budget and timeline
  • Get rid of blight and take advantage of the URA district especially the River Corridor for the future of GR