GR School Resource Officers Thanked for Their Service

GR School Resource Officers Thanked for Their Service

GREEN RIVER — For well over a decade Sweetwater County School District No. 2 (SCSD No. 2) has had the honor of partnering with the City of Green River’s Police Department (GRPD), allowing for two School Resource Officers (SROs) to serve children and staff.

Their presence in our buildings is beyond appreciated and critical to creating an atmosphere of commonality between officers and students which helps to destigmatize the negative view of law enforcement that is sometimes portrayed. As part of this partnership, SROs other law enforcement officers, and SCSD No. 2 administration discuss current issues affecting youth and examine ways to address the impact these issues have on our students.

We are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate to our students that our officers provide much more than “enforcement.” They provide a beacon of safety as well.

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“I have enjoyed the dialogue surrounding law enforcement officers and their involvement in the day-to- day life of our students and staff. It’s my hope students have opportunities to view these incredible individuals in a positive light,” SCSD No. 2 Superintendent Craig Barringer said.

There are many times in life where the aid of law enforcement is necessary and having that foundation of trust is a great way to de-escalate situations that may be stressful or even traumatic. With their presence in our buildings, our students are gaining the opportunity to see the officers in an atmosphere of normality, which we hope will facilitate future trust towards law enforcement personnel as the students embark on life.

SCSD No. 2 would like to take a moment to thank Jason Forsgren, Kent Hemphill, Police Chief Tom Jarvie, and all other GRPD members. Their never-ending pursuit of creating a safe place for children and staff members is vital to the education process.