Green River Arts Council Reveals Two New Pieces

Green River Arts Council Reveals Two New Pieces

GREEN RIVER– The Green River Arts Council revealed two new art pieces this evening during the Art on the Green and River Festival festivities.

“The Green River Arts Council’s mission is to foster community pride by promoting public art and creativity for the citizens of Green River. In doing so we have found two artist to add to our collection of statues and sculptures throughout the community,” said Tricia Patterson, Green River Arts Council member.

One of the pieces is a 30-foot stainless steel trout piece made by Green River artist Bob Patterson. The fish installation, “Life in the Green”, is composed of three stainless steel fish, approximately 4×9 feet each, spanning across 65 feet.

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The fish were hand drawn and cutout of the stainless steel by hand.

“[The fish] are back lit to provide an artistic flair even at night,” Tricia said.

The piece was purchased by the Green River Arts Council and their Art on the Green program. The fish installation is located on the Green Belt near Expedition Island.

The other piece is a fox sculpture, “The Fox Box”, made by artist Jacob Novinger from Idaho. It is composed of found metal objects strategically placed together. The dimensions of the fox are 50 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 45 inches long.

The piece was purchased by the Kourbelas Foundation by the Green River Arts Council. It can be viewed at Expedition Island.