Green River City Council Adopts FY22 Budget

Green River City Council Adopts FY22 Budget

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously approved its Fiscal Year 2022 budget, approximately $53 million, during its meeting Tuesday night.

The budget’s estimated beginning fund balance as of July 1, 2021 is about $32 million. With revenues estimated to be $20.7 million, the estimated available funds is roughly $53 million.

At the end of FY22, the City of Green River estimates that there will be $6.5 million left over.

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“This is the budget you guys have seen now for the fourth time. The finance committee has had the luxury of seeing you six or eight times now,” Chris Means, Green River Director of Finance said.

The Council hosted a public hearing on the budget before adopting it, in which there were no appropriations made.

Mayor Pete Rust said that the Council has talked with staff about the budget on multiple occasions, so the process is far from rushed.

“This isn’t just rushing through it, we’ve talked about it and talked about it, had lots of hearings and discussions on it. So there’s been plenty of opportunity for people to be involved,” Mayor Rust said.

The general fund beginning balance, starting on July 1, 2021, will be about $10.9 million. Meats said the estimated ending fund balance on June 30, 2022, will be about $577,689. To get this balanced budget, Meats said he had to use $1.8 million of American Recovery Act funds.

The beginning fund balance for the capital projects budget is estimated at $5.9 million and the risk management budget is estimated to be $1.1 million. The wastewater budget is estimated at $7.8 million, the solid waste budget at $1.3 million, and the water budget is estimated at $4.6 million.

The city cut a little over half a million dollars from last year’s budget in order to balance the FY22 budget.

Councilman George Jost was absent from the meeting.

Other Business

A liquor license for Red Horse Oil, Green River Get N Go was transferred to CF Altitude, LLC, Alta Convenience store #6225 following unanimous approval from the Council.

During the public hearing portion of the meeting, Dennis Dirkse Vice President, Operations at Alta Convenience in Pueblo West, Colo., spoke to the Council. He said they own 106 stores with 700 employees working at those stores. They currently have 87 beer or liquor licenses throughout four states and are familiar with Wyoming’s liquor codes.

He added that all employees at the convenience store will be TIPS trained, as well as go through additional training through the company to ensure employees do not sell alcohol to underaged customers.