Green River City Council Approves Child Care Ordinance Amendment

Green River City Council Approves Child Care Ordinance Amendment

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve an ordinance amendment that will allow at-home child care centers located in residential zones to take in more kids and infants.

Lack of child care, and especially for infants, has been an issue in Green River for years. To address the issue, Stephanie Bohlmann, a local at-home child care center owner, began working to get the ordinance regarding child care centers changed to allow more children and infants to be taken care of in at-home centers.

There are three different classifications for child care centers:

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  • Family Child Care Home (FCCH), an at-home child care option which allows three to 10 unrelated children.
  • Family Child Care Center (FCCC), an at-home child care option which allows up to 15 unrelated children. This option is the one being proposed in the ordinance change.
  • Child Care Centers (CCC), and these are the commercial business child care centers.

This ordinance amendment will now allow Family Child Care Centers to be allowed in all residential zones, whereas they were previously only allowed in R3 and R4 zones. This change allows those offering child care in their homes to be able to take in five more children per residence in R1 an R2 zones.

However, each individual wanting to open a Family Child Care Center in their home must first obtain a conditional use permit, in which they will have to go through a process with the Green River Planning and Zoning Commission. All adjacent neighbors will be able to express their support and opposition during the process.

The Council voted 7-0 to approve the ordinance change.