Green River City Council Passes Amendments to Gambling Ordinance


GREEN RIVER– The Green River City Council approved an amendment to the city’s gambling laws at Tuesday night’s council meeting following third reading.

The council voted unanimously to update the gambling laws to align with Wyoming state statute.

Green River City Prosecutor Billy Pineda and Green River Police Department Police Chief Tom Jarvie both supported the amendment to the the gambling ordinance, as it makes enforcing laws consistent with the state level.

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Concerns were expressed for the ordinance change during the first reading on April 2, in which Councilor Lisa Maes asked if the laws would affect private group games, such as bunko groups or church bingo.

Chief Jarvie assured the council at that time that the ordinance is more aimed towards keeping enforcement fair for businesses and that the GRPD is not looking to bust game nights at private residences.

The updated laws include exceptions for charitable, nonprofit, educational, private clubs, fundraisers, and religious games and events.