Green River City Council to Recognize Police Officers’ Services, Vote on Drug Enforcement Award & Cell Tower Placement


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GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council has a full agenda planned for tonight.

There will be several police officers recognized for their service, including retired police officer Glen Williams, and Officer Korey Thompson and Cpl. Debbie Tippy for performing lifesaving measures for a Green River resident earlier this year.

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Council Action Items


During the Council Action Items portion of the agenda, the council will vote in consideration of approval of the 2018 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area funding award. 

Agenda Description of Voting Item:

For more than 20 years, the Green River Police Department has received grant funding from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) as part of the federal HIDTA program. This funding pays the salary and fringe benefits for one task force officer assigned to the DCI Southwest Drug Enforcement Team. This position is currently the only GRPD Officer dedicated solely drug investigations.

Through our partnership with DCI, our officer is able to draw from the experience and capabilities of others on the team while coordinating investigative efforts and minimizing redundant investigative efforts from multiple agencies. The police department has applied for and has been granted $80,449 for this position for calendar year 2018. 


The council will also vote in consideration to approve a lease with Cellular Inc. Network Corporation, Verizon Wireless for a cell tower to be placed on Mansface Mountain.

Agenda Description of Voting Item:

We have been working with Cellular Inc. since last year to agree on the terms for a site lease on Mansface. The lease will be for a 30’ x 40’ piece of land to place a new monopole tower on. The lease is for an initial period of five (5) years with four (4) additional years for renewal.

The lease also contains a 2% escalation clause on the rent payments. The site has been reviewed by planning and zoning. It has had the applicable public hearing for the site plans that are required by City ordinances for placement of the new tower.