Green River City Council Will Vote On Voluntary Severance Program For Employees Impacted By Solid Waste Division Changes


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GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will vote on whether to implement a voluntary severance program for employees impacted by the proposed privatization of the City’s Solid Waste Division during their November 7th meeting.

According to the council packet, final payout amounts will be calculated at the time of employment separation based on the provisions set forth in the program benefits. These funds are expected to be available in the solid waste enterprise fund.

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Full-time employees would receive a lump sum payment equal to the amount of twenty-eight weeks of pay at the employee’s base hourly rate (calculated on 40 hours per week).

Part-time employees would receive a lump sum payment equal to one-third of the employee’s actual wages earned in the Solid Waste Division from November 1, 2016, through October 31, 2017.

Staff Impact will be a maximum of nine full-time and three part-time employees who are eligible to participate in the Program based on the Eligibility criteria.

Employees taking advantage of the offer would need to sign a waiver and release agreement with the City of Green River.