Green River Man Tries to Flee from Police Before DWUI Arrest

Green River Man Tries to Flee from Police Before DWUI Arrest

GREEN RIVER — A man arrested for DWUI, Interference with a peace officer – resisting arrest on January 22 tried to evade police when they attempted to contact him on suspicion that he was driving while intoxicated.

According to the incident report, officers responded to a report of a possible intoxicated individual attempting to leave in a vehicle from the Hutton Heights Shopping Center. Officers observed a vehicle matching the description given, speeding away from the store, traveling southbound towards Riverview Drive.

Then the vehicle conducted a U-turn and proceeded back towards the store, and stopped in front of the store.

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As officers pulled in behind the vehicle the vehicle began to reverse and officers activated their red and blue lights. The vehicle did not stop but proceeded to travel out of the parking area. Officers activated the siren but the vehicle did not pull over.

The vehicle finally pulled into a parking space at a residence on Riverview Drive. Officers contacted the driver and detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver.

Officers subsequently placed the driver, Eloy Fierro, age 43, of Green River, under arrest and issued citations for DWUI Alcohol Incapable of Safely Driving and Interference with a Peace Officer – resisting arrest. Officers transported Fierro to the Sweetwater County Detention Center and completed a report of the incident.