Green River Police Chief happy with progress on new building

Green River Police Chief happy with progress on new building

The view from the new Police Department building. Photo courtesy of City of Green River.

GREEN RIVER—Green River Police Chief Chris Steffen said he is pleased with the progress being made on construction of the new police department building on West Flaming Gorge Way. He said he expects Groathouse Construction, the builder, to finish work approximately July 1, with a likely move-in date in early August.

“We’ll do stuff to get the building ready to move in; my hope is we can do so around the beginning of August,” he said.

The building will also provide a new home for the Green River Municipal Court.

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Steffen said one of the best things about having the new structure will be having adequate space for storage and for personnel. He said the new building will offer a privacy for officers, victims and witnesses that the current location in Green River City Hall cannot.

“We do not want to have victims of crimes sitting in the lobby of city hall talking with an officer about some event that had a huge impact on their life. The new building will let us do our work in a new setting that allows us to offer a lot more compassion.”

The project, he said, is on budget and on time.

Green River Police Department Public Information Officer Det. Luke Benson stands at/within the entrance to the now partially constructed new GRPD building on West Flaming Gorge Way.

“Along the way we had a few unforeseen things come up, but that happens. We are still on budget.”

He added there will be much more parking at the new structure than there is currently at city hall.

“There will be a total of about 56 parking spaces, for both the police and the municipal court staff and for public parking.”

He said he appreciates the public support the project has received.

“If we had not gotten a majority of the Green River voters in favor of the project in the Sixth Penny voting, we would not be where we are now.”

Also, he said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from Green River citizens about the project.

“A lot of people are happy to see something done with what had been that big old ugly skeleton. And a lot are happy we are getting a new, more adequate home.”