Green River Receives $400K Grant for Riverside Memorial Park Improvements

Green River Receives $400K Grant for Riverside Memorial Park Improvements

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GREEN RIVER — The City of Green River has received a $400,000 grant to go toward improvements at Riverside Memorial Park.

The Green River City Council approved the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Transportation Alternatives Program grant unanimously Tuesday night. The improvements to the park will be replacing 0.42 miles of concrete pathway on the Greenbelt, and to add pathway lighting.

The project is estimated to cost $500,000.

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“We have been awarded that grant we applied for,” Public Works Director Mark Westenskow said. “It’s $400,000 of state money to be matched by city money.”

The grant requires an 80/20 match, which means the city would be responsible for $80,000. The city has already allocated funds for the required match in the FY 2022 budget. According to Westenskow, the city will also request support from a Sweetwater County School District No. 2 rec mill grant to share the cost of the match requirement.

Westenskow said they have obtained another grant to redo the playground at the park, and next up would be trying to obtain funds for riverbank stabilization.

“This is a big deal, a $400,000 grant for that area… I can tell you I’m sure there’s a lot of skateboarders and people with baby carriages and stuff that are going to be very happy when this project is completed. It’s going to be a big, big deal,” Mayor Pete Rust said.

Westenskow added that WYDOT liked the project and wanted to fund it last year, but they ran out of money.

“I’m tickled to see this happen, we’ve thought about it for quite some time and it’s the beginning of making the Greenbelt a really, really nice place to be,” Councilman Gary Killpack said.