Green River Rezoning Ordinance Passes Second Reading

Green River Rezoning Ordinance Passes Second Reading

GREEN RIVER – The Green River City Council approved the second reading of an amendment to the official zoning map of the City of Green River to rezone property on Bridger Drive for the purpose of a fuel kiosk during its meeting Tuesday night.

The Council approved it in a 5-1 vote, with Councilman Robert Berg being the one vote against. Councilman Mike Shutran was absent from the meeting.

Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Inc. is the applicant on the request for the amendment to Green River’s Official Zoning Map. Smith’s is requesting for the parcel located at 1175 Bridger Drive to be rezoned from B-2 (Downtown Business) to B-1 (General Business), with the intent to construct a fuel and concession kiosk on the property. The B-2 zoning allows for the concessions kiosk but to facilitate fuel sales on the property, it needs to be rezoned to B-1, according to Amy Cox, Planning and Zoning Administrator.

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Green River resident Gordon Smith attended the meeting to express his opposition to the construction of the kiosk.

“We don’t need a gas station or convenience store 200 feet from an existing one. We don’t need the additional traffic on Bridger Drive, which is one of the busiest streets in Green River, and we don’t need another place for the kids to hang out at night and raise all kinds of ruckus and stuff, and we don’t need to have florescent lighting on 24 hours a day,” Smith said.

Cox assured Smith and the Council that all those things will be addressed during the major site plan review, which won’t take place until after the rezoning is completed. She said there are strict lighting regulations that the Green River Engineering Department will refer to and adhere to.

She added that it is during the site plan review that the Green River Fire Department will also review the location for any challenges to providing service if needed.

A representative of the proposal also said the vast majority of the customers will be those who are shopping at Smith’s, meaning there will not be a big increase in traffic. He also clarified that the kiosk is not a full walk-in convenience store, but rather will be a small area that will be manned by one person. It will have limited drinks and snacks and will only be open during day hours. At night, the fuel pumps will be operated with credit cards only.

Green River Chief of Police Tom Jarvie said he does not expect the business to cause anymore calls than any other business in the area.

“An overnight business generally does not cause more calls for service,” Chief Jarvie said.

He said that while the community has experienced serious tragedy and crime at convenience stores in the past, he does not expect this business to cause any more or less crime.

“There are certain opportunities, especially for a manned convenience store for crime to occur late at night when nobody is around. We have unfortunately experienced some tragedies in our community because of that.” 

Chief Jarvie said they will patrol and respond to resident reports and complaints as they do anywhere else in town.

The Council is set to consider the rezoning ordinance on third and final reading at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 19.