Green River Shares Plan for Snow Removal

Green River Shares Plan for Snow Removal

GREEN RIVER — With expected snow and colder weather forecasted for next week, the City of Green River reminds residents of the snow removal plan for city streets, trails and parking lots.

The goal of the Green River snow operations is to minimize the impact of winter storms on the streets of Green River.

Beginning with priority streets that ensures the passage of emergency services vehicles and the majority of the traveling public.

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Priority streets include Uinta Drive, Riverview Drive, Flaming Gorge Way, Astle Avenue, 2nd South, Monroe Avenue and all school zones.

Streets and areas not on the priority list are attended to as soon as possible after the priority streets. If conditions deteriorate, it is not uncommon to pull off of non-priority streets to once again attend to the priority list.

Second priority streets and areas include West and East Teton Boulevard, Hitching Post, Indian Hills, Shoshone Avenue, Upland Way, Bridger Drive and Colorado Drive.

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for City parking lots, city sidewalks and trails. First priority is city buildings and parking lots, Police Department and Fire Department. Trails on Uinta Drive are next, followed by the Greenbelt and Parks.