Green River WGFD Office Hosts Gray Wolf Meeting May 22

Green River WGFD Office Hosts Gray Wolf Meeting May 22

GREEN RIVER – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department seeks input on new regulations related to hunting gray wolves and will host a meeting for residents in Green River Wednesday, May 22.

The meeting will be at the WGFD’s regional office on Astle Avenue and starts at 6 p.m. The WGFD will accept public comment on the proposed regulations until June 4, and the draft regulations are available on the WGFD’s website.

According to the department, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission proposes amendments to gray wolf hunting regulations. The draft regulations, if approved by the commision, would allow hunters to either report the death of a gray wolf by calling the department’s toll free number or by presenting the wolf’s pelt or skull to a department employee at a regional office within 24 hours. The amendments would also require hunters to identify the sex of the harvested gray wolf along with other required information. 

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The amendments also change the number of gray wolf licenses available to hunters during the upcoming hunting season.

Residents can submit public comments to the game and fish commission through this link.