GRHS Cheer Takes Sixth at National Championships

GRHS Cheer Takes Sixth at National Championships

GRHS cheer photo.

ORLANDO, Florida — The Green River High School (GRHS) cheer team lit up the stage at the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida last weekend.

The Wolves’ were the first Wyoming cheer squad to ever compete at the national championships and they represented well, taking sixth overall.

In the traditional medium coed division, GRHS was the only team to hit zeros in both the semis and finals, meaning that the team had no deductions. In the game day division, the Wolves only had one point in deductions.

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“The fact that they could go on a big stage like that and hit two zeros for traditional and two nearly perfect game day routines makes us so proud. It’s hard to even explain how exciting it was to watch them perform the way they did,” GRHS Head Coach Allison Luna said.

As magical as the Wolves’ four performances were, the team also had the chance to experience Disney World and practice with some of the best talent in the country.

Luna said the team is already gearing up for next year’s national competition and that the team’s performance this year has put GRHS on the map as one of the nation’s best teams.

“This just goes to show our program is a driving force in the cheer world. We just made a name for ourselves on a national level. We have a lot of expectations for the years to come and are ready to keep making a name for ourselves,” Luna said.

“We just are beyond proud of GRHS cheer,” Luna said. “These kids earned their spot to compete at a national level and no one can take that from them! This team made history by not only being the first Wyoming cheer team to compete, but went in and performed flawlessly.”