GRHS Students and Athletes of the Week

Students of the Week

Gabe Bunderman was nominated as a Student of the Week by Mr. Mikel Hoopes.


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Gabe has been in my strength training class for four years now. Over that time, he has made steady improvements and has gone back and forth as a school record holder. Over the last month, he has really focused on fixing some of his weaknesses and made another jump in strength to regain the school dead-lift record. His strength gains played a huge part in his second place finish at State Wrestling. Gabe plans to continue strength training after high school and improving his overall fitness.”

– Mikel Hoopes


Andri Dewey was nominated as a Student of the Week by Mr. Mikel Hoopes.


This is Andri Dewey’s second year in strength training, and she has made huge strength gains since day one. Last year, Andri broke the previous dead-lift record by 45 lbs. Since then, she has broken her own record twice. At our GRHS Powerlifting Liftathon, Andri was the outstanding female lifter where she broke yet another deadlift record. Andri hopes to continue gaining strength to help her succeed as an athlete, and also hopes to break the squat record by the end of her senior year.”

– Mikel Hoopes


Caitlin Ramirez was nominated as a Student of the Week by Mrs. Storm Adcock.


Caitlin is a student in Psychology 2 class. She is an outstanding student in my classroom and sets the tone during group work and class discussions. Her contributions are always logical and timely. In short, her contributions to the class are appreciated by everyone. Thanks, Caitlin!”

– Storm Adcock


Nikki Christensen was nominated as a Student of the Week by Mrs. Storm Adcock.


Nikki is a student in sociology that has performed at the highest levels. Nikki is always prepared and ready to contribute. He has the ability to take his learning beyond the classroom. Whether in small groups or class discussions, Nikki can be counted on to bring out the key issues. Well done, Nikki!”

– Storm Adcock


Robyn Bowles was nominated as a Student of the Week by Mrs. Storm Adcock.


Robyn is an economic student that has demonstrated a desire to do her best regardless the assignment. She is a valuable member of her class and consistently volunteers to help out in whatever way she can. Thanks, Robyn!”

– Storm Adcock


Athlete of the Week

Cody Childress and Jimena Campos were nominated as Athletes of the week by the GRHS track and field coaches.


Cody had an outstanding start to the season running a 12.2 100-meter dash and a 24.6 200-meter dash. He will be an asset to the team this season.”

– GRHS Track and Field Coaches


Jimena has worked hard throughout the year, competing in cross country and indoor track. This hard work paid off with a three-second personal record in the 300-meter hurdles.”

– GRHS Track and Field Coaches

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