GRHS Teacher Erin Freeman Awarded National Fellowship

GRHS Teacher Erin Freeman Awarded National Fellowship

Erin Freeman is one of 52 recipients across the Nation who was awarded a James Madison Fellowship.

GREEN RIVER– Erin Freeman, a teacher at Green River High School, has been awarded a James Madison Fellowship by the James Madison Fellowship Foundation of Alexandria, VA in its twenty-seventh annual fellowship competition.

A total of 52 fellowships were awarded in 2018.

James Madison Fellowships support further study of American history by college graduates who aspire to become teachers of American history, American government, and social studies in the nation’s secondary schools, as well as by experienced secondary school teachers of the same subjects.

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Named in honor of the fourth president of the United States and acknowledged “Father of the Constitution and Bill of Right,” the fellowship will fund up to $24,000 of Ms. Freeman’s course of study toward a master’s degree.

That program must include a concentration of courses on the history of principles of the United States Constitution.

About the Fellowship

Ms. Freeman was selected for a James Madison Fellowship in competition with applicants from Wyoming. Additional fellowships were awarded in each of the states.

The fellowship– funded by income from a trust fund in the Treasury of the United States and from additional private gifts, corporate contributions, and foundation grants– requires its recipient to teach American history or social studies in a secondary school for at least one year for each year of fellowship support.

The award is intended to recognize promising and distinguished teachers, to strengthen their knowledge of the origins and development of American constitutional government, and thus to expose the nation’s secondary school students to accurate knowledge of the nation’s constitutional heritage.

About the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation

Founded by an act of Congress in 1986, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation is an independent agency of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

In addition to offering fellowships, the Foundation undertakes other activities relating to secondary school education about the Constitution’s history.

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