GRHS Track and Field Team Gets to Work at the Hotel Tomahawk [PHOTOS]


GREEN RIVER– Over the weekend, the Green River High School Track and Field team helped remove dirt from the basement of the Hotel Tomahawk in downtown Green River to help the building owners’ in their development efforts.

The Tomahawk Hotel was acquired by Green River Opportunities Wyoming (GRoWYO) in 2017, with the intent to develop the building, and create viable mixed-use spaces.

GRoWYO strives to better the Green River community, and they are starting with the Tomahawk, as it is such a historical building in downtown.

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Currently, GRoWYO is working on installing an elevator in the Tomahawk, which will make the Tomahawk ADA compliant.

However, before the elevator can be installed, the dirt in the basement has to be removed. That’s where the GRHS track and field team came in.

Marty Carrollo, a co-owner of GRoWYO, recruited the track and field team to help remove the dirt. Once in February, and again on March 9, the track team gathered at the Tomahawk to shovel the dirt out.

A group of kids shoveled the dirt into buckets, while the rest of the team members passed the buckets along until they were carried outside. Once outside, the dirt was dumped into a trailer to be hauled away.

In return for their labor, the team was given a total of $1,000 to go towards equipment, supplies, and whatever may be needed throughout the 2019 season.

Once the dirt is fully removed from the basement, GRoWYO will be able to move forward with the development.