GRHS Wolves of the Week 11/12-11/18

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Mayumi Cobarrubia

I would like to nominate Mayumi Cobarrubia for Wolf of the Week. Mayumi is a very kind young lady. When we had a new student in class, she was the first to talk to her, she looked at her schedule, and showed the student around the school to help her find her classes. Mayumi works hard in class, and always has a positive attitude. Great job, Mayumi!.

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-Nominated by: Mrs. Tammy Korkow, GRHS Teacher

Zaden Blunk

It is my pleasure to nominate Zaden Blunk for Wolf of the Week. Zaden has great attendance and consistently comes to class prepared. He tries his best every day and always has a good attitude. Zaden gets along well with his classmates and is a pleasure to teach.

-Nominated by: Mrs. Hillary Hollihan Leavitt, GRHS Teacher

.John Newman

I would like to nominate John Newman for Wolf of the Week, For doing the right thing. Thank you!

-Nominated by: Mr. Darren Howard, GRHS Principal

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