GRHS Wolves of the Week 11/5-11/11

?  Wolves of the Week  ?


Aiden Schultz

I would like to nominate Aiden Schultz as Wolf of the Week for his expert cartography skills on his district assessment.

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-Nominated by: Mr. Craig Leavitt, GRHS Teacher


Robyn Jauregui

I would like to nominate Robyn Jauregui for the Social Studies Wolf of the Week. Robyn offered her help to another student who was desperately in need.  Her courageous support and care was impressive to not only the other student, but to me as well.  Robyn is an amazing young woman who showed true character and heart.

-Nominated by: Mr. Nate Loe, GRHS Social Studies Teacher

.Davaughn Boutin

Davaughn has made leaps and bounds from last year. It is refreshing to see the improvement that Davaughn has initiated to be successful in school. His hard work and determination this year have not gone unnoticed. Keep it up Davaughn!

-Nominated by: Ms. Erin Freeman, GRHS Social Studies Teacher


Dalton Howard

Dalton has incredible work ethic. He comes into class everyday and is willing to learn. Beyond that, he has an exceptional attitude and great sense of humor. Dalton is an absolute joy to have in class! Keep it up Dalton!

-Nominated by: Ms. Erin Freeman, GRHS Social Studies Teacher


Abbey Atkinson

Abbey has made considerable improvement this year. It has been incredible to have the opportunity to watch her grow academically and personally since last year. Abbey continues to have a wonderful attitude towards learning and achievement. Keep it up Abbey!

-Nominated by: Ms. Erin Freeman, GRHS Social Studies Teacher


GRHS Girls Swim Team

We would like to nominate the Girls Swim team for WOW. The girls have had an excellent season.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and hard work and dedication they put into this season.  They came together as a team and accomplished their goals.  Congratulations on your second place finish at Conference, State, and for all of your individual accomplishments.

-Nominated by: GRHS Girls Swim Team Coaches

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