Groundhog Sees Shadow, Six More Weeks of Winter – But What Does the Meteorologist Say?


Today, February 2nd, is Groundhog Day!

What does the prognosticating rodent foresee? And what does a National Weather Service meteorologist foresee?

The famous groundhog that predicts the coming weather each February 2nd on Groundhog Day, named Punxsatawney Phil for his location in Punxsatawney, Penns., has seen his shadow.

The groundhog retreated back into his hidey-hole, which predicts winter for another six weeks.

According to Meteorologist Ralph Estell at the National Weather Service in Riverton, we can expect a milder winter than last year, but don’t go hanging up your winter boots in six weeks.

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“Here in Wyoming, we get some of the worst snowstorms in late March, April, and May,” said Estell.