Era Ends for GRPD, Lieutenant Burke Morin Retires


Interim Green River Police Chief Tom Jarvie made an announcement at Tuesday city council meeting. He announced the retirement of GRPD Lieutenant Burke Morin. Morin will be leaving the department as of January 1, 2018, he said.

It’s truly the end of an era for the Green River Police Department.”

~ Tom Jarvie

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Jarvie gave a retirement speech commending Morin for his years of service and dedication to the city of Green River.

“Burke came to the department in 1980. Green River was a different place then,” Jarvie said. “We were in the middle of the boom. The police department was changing, the population was changing, and Burke came into the area to keep us going.”


37 Years

“He’s done an awful lot for the department and the community over the 37 years that it’s been.”

Jarvie said when Burke entered the police academy to become a police officer, there was no police academy. The academy at the time was housed in the Wyoming State Fair buildings.

“He’s seen a lot of change over the years,” Jarvie said.

Through Morin’s 37 years within the GRPD, he’s served as a narcotics detective, patrolman, general detective, patrol corporal, detective sergeant and most recently, the detective lieutenant.

He also served on the SWAT team during those years, kept a drug dog for a time, has been a field training officer. Jarvie said Morin even trained an officer who trained him.

To say the department’s not going to be the same is an understatement,”

~ Tom Jarvie

Serving The Community

On top of all the service in the department, he’s served the community, Jarvie said. Morin has served on various boards within the community including Center For Families and Children, and the Family Resource Center. Jarvie mentioned Morin’s involvement with youth groups through his church activities as well.

“Our investigation division that he currently leads, has been a jewel for the department for many years,” Jarvie said.

Jarvie honorably-mentioned a couple other GRPD officers as well, including Joe Jaramillo and Mont Mecham.

“They and Lieutenant Morin have all served and brought a lot to this community,” he said.


Nothing But a Hat

“Just thinking of some of the cases that Morin’s been involved in, early in my career we had probably one of the toughest cases I’ve seen,” Jarvie said. “We had a clerk disappear in the middle of the night from one of our convenient stores with nothing left but a hat.”

It was then Detective Morin’s hard work along with Sergeant Jaramillo, and Lieutenant Mecham who solved that case and brought closure to the family, he said.

Jarvie mentioned another incident Morin was a critical component to as well.

“We had someone who just went missing, and we found the car, knew the area where they would be, but it was out of our jurisdiction and we were getting limited help trying to find this person,” Jarvie said.

“That’s never stopped Lieutenant Morin. We gathered up the troops, it was someone from Green River, it was a Green River citizen and he was going to make sure it got taken care of and he did, and they were found.”


Tenacity and hard work is what Lieutenant Morin’s brought to our department, and it’s something that all of us will keep with us. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach some of the younger guys as they come in some of those same traits that you’ve shown us.

~ Tom Jarvie

Morin accepted his plaque of recognition, and will retire come January.