GRPD’s Monique Mead Pinned as Newly Promoted Sergeant

GRPD’s Monique Mead Pinned as Newly Promoted Sergeant

Sergeant Monique Mead is pinned by her husband, Brandon, and friend and colleague Martha Holzgrafe. SweetwaterNOW photos by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — The Green River Police Department’s own Monique Mead was pinned as Sergeant during the Green River City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Sergeant Mead was pinned by her husband, Brandon, and GRPD Juvenile Detective/Therapy Dog Handler Martha Holzgrafe. GRPD Chief Shaun Sturlaugson said that with recent changes and shifts in their personnel, there was an unexpected opening for the sergeant position. Having just done testing for another position, they were able to use those tests to fill the sergeant opening.

The testing pointed to Mead being the best fit for the position. After seven and a half years with the department, Mead has filled many different roles, and she’s excelled in all of them, Sturlaugson said.

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“In that time she’s worn many hats. She does a great job with everything she does,” Sturlaugson said. “Currently she’s our FTO coordinator. You’ve heard me say on many occasions how important our field training officers are, well, she supervises them. So you can imagine how important her job is.”

Sergeant Mead is also the commander of the Sweetwater County Bomb Squad, and she’s been in that role for about a year. Prior to her commander role, she was a member of the bomb squad team for many more years.

“She’s really working hard right now to change some things that needed to be changed with that group, and really professionalize the bomb squad. She’s done a great job with that as well,” Sturlaugson said.

Chief Sturlaugson said he and the department have witnessed Mead’s dedication to improvement and growth, and that desire to be better is what earned her the sergeant position.

“Over the last few years, Monique has worked really hard to improve herself professionally and personally. We’ve noticed that, that’s what’s led her here today, and we’re proud she’s part of the Green River PD family,” Sturlaugson said.