Guaranteed Cash Turns Out To Be Fraud


GREEN RIVER — On November 10th, at 4:01 pm, officers met with an individual at the police department, in reference to a report of fraud.

The Officers met with an individual at the police department, about a report of fraud.

The reporting party noticed a Facebook post online for an opportunity for guaranteed cash, exchanged messages with the individual and came to an agreement for a loan.

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The reporting party was given the name and phone number of another individual to contact to work with to receive the money.

The reporting party gave this individual their mobile banking app password, who deposited two checks into their account and instructed the reporting party to send the money back via MoneyGram.

The reporting party sent the money back to the individual by MoneyGram and was later contacted by their bank and advised the deposited checks did not clear.

The reporting party advised their bank was willing to work with them to refund their loss if they filed a police report.

Officers completed a report regarding the incident.