Guardian Project Lands in Southwest Wyoming, Helping Vets Find Healing


SWEETWATER COUNTY — There is healing to be found on the great rivers and grand mountain vistas in Wyoming in the way of adventure therapy.

Yesterday, eight veterans from across the United States landed at Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport to participate in the Guardian Project, an adventure therapy project through the Los Angeles-based White Heart Foundation.

These White Heart Warriors will go whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and enjoy a campfire under the stars with fellow veterans.

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“The reason for the program is to help vets with PTSD and thoughts of suicide and get them out into nature with like-minded vets,” said Marine Cpl. Jed Morgan, who got involved because fellow soldiers he knew committed suicide.

Morgan said that these trips are important because each night there will be discussions around the campfire about things they all are going through.

“Other veterans have a better chance of understanding what you went through. Getting it off your chest is healing and helps with the mental issues we go through,” said Morgan.

This group will start out whitewater rafting and kayaking down the Green River, following by camping along the river. Then, they’ll head to Lander for rock climbing, fishing, and more.