Hand Up Food Cart Provides Goods for Those in Need

Hand Up Food Cart Provides Goods for Those in Need

The Hand Up food cart aims to led a hand up to those in need in the community. Photo courtesy of Laurie Davis

ROCK SPRINGS — When Laurie Davis noticed the economy locally and statewide was changing, she wanted to ensure her fellow community members were taken care of.

With a spare rack she collected when Herberger’s closed down, Davis decided to open up a “food cart” for those in need to collect food items discretely. She calls the food cart the Hand Up food cart.

“I’ve been thinking about this for months, but I’ve seen how the economy is changing and I wanted to help. So luckily when the Herberger’s store was going through the close out, my husband purchased me a rack that he refurbished into a little cart I could put canned food on,” Davis said.

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Davis said she has been donating food for a long time, but with a recent injury she is not able to get around as easily. Therefore, she said the food cart is located at her home, at 1049 Truman Street in Rock Springs, which also allows for people to visit discretely.

“I wanted it to be discrete so people don’t feel the public eye on them. It’s just a safe place to grab something to either warm their tummy or feed their kids, and ease some of the stress when money’s tight,” Davis said. “And that way I can see their smiles instead.”

She added that being able to involve the community is a big plus, as it makes everyone feel good.

For those who want to donate, there are a few ways to do so. People can private message Davis on Facebook with their address and she or her friend Alicia can come by and pick up the donation. Or, people can bring their donations directly to the food cart and set it beside the cart or on the cart.

“If you’d like to donate to the Hand Up food cart, we accept goods such as diapers, formula baby food, fresh fruit, and produce,” Davis said.

She said she is currently looking for a bigger fridge and freezer to be able to hold items such as eggs, cheese, milk, and meat.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Davis

The Hand Up food cart is open from 8 am through 7 pm daily, weather permitting. The only days the cart is closed is on food bank days, which is every other Thursday, Davis said.

So far, the cart has received a good amount of traction, according to Davis. Not only adults in need, but school kids also visit the cart for a snack after school.

“Since I live close to the schools I have kids walking home after school and they stop and grab an apple or banana, or noodles and pasta sauce to have spaghetti for dinner. I love to watch them grab something knowing that this community helped,” she said.

Davis gives special thanks to her best friend Alicia for helping her, as well as the community.

“This wouldn’t work without everyone’s help, so please if you’d like to donate, pick up a little extra at the store that you can afford and drop it off or message me and we’ll arrange a pick up,” she said. “I know what it’s like to go to bed hungry, and it’s not a very pleasant feeling.”

The Hand Up food cart is located at 1049 Truman Street in Rock Springs.