Harbor Freight Not Coming to Rock Springs, but Other Businesses Still Looking at Location in Rock Springs Plaza Mall

Rock Springs Plaza Mall Shopping Center - Rock Springs, WY

According to a press release by the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition and Kevin Mortensen, manager of the Rock Springs Plaza Mall Shopping Center, Harbor Freight will not be opening a new location here in Rock Springs as has been reported in the last few weeks by some local media channels.

However, Mr. Mortensen says that “business is lively” at the Rock Springs Plaza Mall Shopping Center with a new lease from Planet Fitness, a health & fitness gym with over 1,500 locations nationwide, and also the relocation of Shadow Mountain Warehouse Furniture & Design to the plaza mall. Aaron’s Rent to Own will continue their expansion and remodel, as they were shifted over due to Harbor Freight’s original, intended plans.

Mortensen says there are three different businesses that are looking at the former Hastings location. “Unfortunately Harbor Freight is not one of them, at least for the foreseeable future. Harbor Freight planned to put a store here, but due to circumstances out of our control, Harbor Freight told us they have stopped the plans of many new stores (including Rock Springs, WY, and Price, Utah)…”

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Mortensen also believes that he’s seeing an uptick and economic pickup in Rock Springs.  “We are getting a lot of calls on our vacancies at the Rock Springs Plaza Mall Shopping Center and Office Building” said Mortensen. “Just this week we have signed 3 more new leases in our office building. All of them oil & gas related. It is clear that the oil & gas industry is back and the new Jonah field announcements will further boost business in Rock Springs.”