Have A Sneak Peek At Wyoming.com’s Internet Upgrades

Have A Sneak Peek At Wyoming.com’s Internet Upgrades

Who says that rural areas can’t have access to great internet and phone service?

Over the past several months, Wyoming.com has been hard at work upgrading their wireless internet infrastructure throughout all of Rock Springs. Despite recent manufacturer delays, they’ve upgraded many of their wireless towers with plans to bring the rest up to speed as soon as possible.

So what does this mean for you?

1) Options For Faster Internet – with upgraded towers comes the capability for noticeably faster internet. You’ll notice a decrease in the time it takes to download and upload files, as well as load internet pages. You may also notice that streaming is more seamless and reliable.

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2) Long Term Contracts Are A Thing Of The Past – instead, Wyoming.com will be offering a month to month option to try and fit the needs for more of Rock Springs residents. And they haven’t forgotten about Rock Springs businesses either! Their new package includes 50Mbps internet for $50.00 per month (or the “50for50” for short), and it will be offered at the same price for both residential and business customers alike.

Everyone at Wyoming.com is excited to be offering new and improved services and rolling out better deals for not just Rock Springs, but all of Wyoming! Keep an eye out for more exciting sneak peeks of Wyoming.com’s new and better services in the coming weeks.

Want to know if you can expect better and faster internet?

Call (307) 856-6400 to see if
the new speeds are available in your area!