HB 39 (Wildlife License Plate Bill) Passes The House

HB 39 (Wildlife License Plate Bill) Passes The House

WYOMING — In April of 2017, a Wildlife and Roadway Safety Summit was held in Pinedale, Wyoming.

The summit was attended by nearly 200 people from entities such as the Wyoming Department of Transportation, Wyoming Game and Fish, law enforcement, elected officials, conservation groups and citizens.

The goal of this summit was to identify means that could be accomplished to lower the amount of wildlife/vehicle collisions around the state of Wyoming.

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Given everyone’s love of Wyoming’s wildlife and wild spaces, it is recognized that the losses experienced around the state of our wildlife and the losses involving motor vehicle damages and lives, was unacceptable.

The result of this summit was clear and given projects that have already been completed, such as Trappers Point overpass/underpasses, Nugget Canyon and Baggs, these projects work well.

Conversely, these overpass/underpass and fencing projects are costly, and an alternative funding source for WYDOT would need to be established, given the current economic situation the state is facing.

One idea, a specialty wildlife license plate, was born. The bill has passed the house and will now be introduced to the Senate and immediately assigned to Committee.