Health Department and Sen. Craft discuss current happenings at local nursing home

Health Department and Sen. Craft discuss current happenings at local nursing home

ROCK SPRINGS – After a group of residents spoke to the Rock Springs City Council about purchasing the Deseret Health and Rehab facility, better known to most as Sage View Care Center, the Wyoming Department of Health and Sen. Bernadine Craft gave details on what is happening with the operation at this time.

Spokesman for the Health Department Kim Deti said the Wyoming Department of Health’s Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys were made aware several days ago that the private company that owns and operates the facility in Rock Springs was experiencing financial difficulties that could potentially affect that facility.

On Monday, the department received an official notice from the company that they intended to close the facility. A 60-day process is called for and plans are required for the operator to meet certain obligations.

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“We have been communicating with the local administrator, as well as other state agencies that are involved such as the Wyoming Department of Family Services and the Attorney General’s office, about ensuring residents receive safe and appropriate care,” Deti said in a statement.

Sen. Bernadine Craft explained the process a bit more. The center serves 58 people and the State Medicaid guidelines require a 30-day notice before closure and federal Medicaid guidelines require a 60-day notice.  Craft said Tom Forslund, the Director of the Dept. of Health has indicated that he intends to impose the 60-day standard.

The State was in Rock Springs on Tuesday gathering more information as local leaders continued to work on the situation. Craft continued.

“Additionally, legislative colleagues on the Labor, Health Committee, local officials, private citizens and myself have been working to identify options for emergency procedures that we are hopeful will prevent the necessity of the immediate transfer of residents to other facilities,” Craft said. “We are looking at a multi-faceted approach that we hope will be workable.”

On a personal note, Craft said she will continue to work to find a solution.

“I find it truly heartbreaking, and pledge to do all in my power to find a quick, workable and satisfactory remedy for this tragic event for the residents and their families,” Craft said. “I would further assure them that there are many others, both in public and private life, who are as committed as I am.”