Lyman Police Department Investigating Attempted ‘Sleight Of Hand’ Theft At Wells Fargo


UPDATE — According to the Lyman Police Department, on January 26th, 2018 at 11:22 am, Lyman Police Department was notified of an attempted theft at the Wells Fargo Bank in Lyman, Wyoming.

Lyman Police Officers, along with Uinta County Sheriff’s Deputy and Mountain View Police Officer responded and met with Bank personnel who provided the following information:

At approximately 11:15 a.m., two adult male subjects entered the Lyman Wells Fargo Bank in an attempt to pull off a sleight of hand “Bunco” type theft.

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One of the male subjects approached a teller, while the other stood behind watching.  The first subject provided the teller with $4,200.00 in one hundred-dollar bills, asking the teller to change them for fifty-dollar bills.

Once the teller gave him the $4,200.00 in fifty-bills, the subject “Palmed” approximately half of the stack, and gave the teller back the money stating that he wanted the $4,200.00 in Pesos.  The teller informed the subject that they did not have Pesos, and he then asked for his original $4,200.00 back.  The alert bank personnel observed this sleight of hand attempt.  When the bank Asst. Manager counted the returned fifty-dollar bills, it only added up to added up to $1,800.00 Dollars.

The Asst. Manager requested identification from the subject, at which point, both he and his partner ran out of the bank.  The Asst. manager then called 911 and relayed this event to Uinta County Dispatch, however, could not provide a vehicle description nor direction of travel.

An attempt to locate was issued for all Uinta County Law Enforcement, but with very limited information, the suspects were not located.

In their hasty departure, the suspects left without their original $4,200.00 in one hundred-dollar bills and only managed to escape with $2,400.00 of the fifty-bills, leaving the bank with an $1,800.00 overage of the suspect’s money.

Uinta County Dispatch sent this information to be relayed to Law Enforcement agencies, Banks and Credit Unions in Uinta, Sweetwater and Lincoln Counties, as well as the Utah Department of Public Safety (U.H.P.).

At this time, it is believed that the two suspects may have been passing through, and may have attempted similar thefts in other areas.

The Lyman Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in attempting to locate the suspects in this failed theft attempt.  If you have any information, please contact the Lyman Police Department at (307)787-6500, or the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office at (307)783-1000.


LYMAN — No official word yet on the heavy police presence at the Lyman Wells Fargo today.

The FBI has confirmed that they are assisting in the investigation but issued no further comment.