High Wind Warning Issued for Sweetwater County

High Wind Warning Issued for Sweetwater County

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Like the majority of the state, Sweetwater County has also been issued a high wind warning starting today.

According to the United States National Weather Service (NWS), Sweetwater County’s high wind warning starts at 3 this afternoon, April 4, and runs through Wednesday, April 6, at 6 a.m.

Residents in Rock Springs, Green River, Flaming Gorge, Sweetwater County and south Lincoln County can expect 35-45 mph winds with gusts reaching as high as 65 mph.

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Transportation will be impacted by the wind. Light and high profile vehicles, including campers and tractor trailers, will have an elevated blow-over risk as this wind storm moves through the area.

Depending on where you live in Wyoming, the times for the high wind warnings vary. For a more in-depth wind briefing for the entire state, see the video below.