Holiday Giving is Already in the Air; County Commissioners Give Employees Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Off


SWEETWATER COUNTY – As many residents may have noticed while shopping locally, Christmas has started taking over empty shelves. On Tuesday, the Sweetwater County Commissioner caught an early case of  the holiday giving spirit.

Christmas and New Years both fall on a Friday this year. After a brief discussion, the four commissioners at the meeting spoke in favor of giving employees both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off again this year. Commissioner John Kolb was absent from the meeting.

Working a half day was the first option discussed. Some officials, including Commissioner Reid West, said many people wait until the last minute to do things and working a half day would give the public a little more time to finish up these last minute items.

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After voting to give employees both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off last year, West said he did receive minor complaints about not being open. Commissioner Randall Wendling said he believed it was an issue last year because the public was only given a short notice about the closing. Wendling said by doing it this early, it gives residents plenty of time to prepare and finish up those last minute items.

Before going further, West asked the elected officials who were in attendance what their thoughts on the issue were. County Clerk Dale Davis said employees should get Christmas Eve off but believed a half day on New Year’s Eve would give residents the opportunity to get final items done.

County Treasurer Robb Slaughter and the County Assessor’s Chief Deputy David Divis said they would like to see full days off on both. Divis said many employees travel and giving employees a full day would give them more time to travel to be with family for the holidays.

Officials added that by the time departments such as Sweetwater County Road and Bridge arrived at destinations to begin work a half day would already be over.

After hearing from the elected officials, West agreed it should be a full day. Clerk Dale Davis informed the commission he would need to draft a resolution to bring before the commission for official action.