#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Joni Depaola | Trailhead Guns

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Joni Depaola | Trailhead Guns

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community.

This week, I had a chance to catch up with Joni Depaola. Joni is the manager of Trailhead Guns, the smalltown gun shop located in the heart of downtown Rock Springs.

The folks at Trailhead Guns pride themselves on being all things guns, new and used. They carry ammo, reloading tools, optics, cleaning supplies, holsters, targets, and more. They also carry the largest selection of Benchmade knives in town.

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17 years ago Joni was approached by the owners of Trailhead guns about managing the shop. At the time, Joni had never even shot a gun – all those years later, guns are now Joni’s passion.

For Joni, there is not much that brings her more joy than being able to help her customers find the firearm that fits their needs. 

“I truly consider my customers friends and have enjoyed the bond I have created with them throughout the years,” said Joni. “Our customers are what have made Trailhead a success and I truly appreciate their business.”

With so much competition in the gun market in Rock Springs, each customer truly feel like a blessing and to Joni, that’s what business success is all about.

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“They choose us, and that is the biggest compliment we could ever receive!”

As you can imagine, managing a small-town gun shop has been challenging at times, especially in Rock Springs, WY. When the economy in Sweetwater County isn’t at it’s best, residents usually aren’t spending their money on extra ammo or guns. With that being said after each rough patch Trailhead Guns comes back even stronger than before.

“Boom and bust towns can be a constant challenge,” explained Joni. “But the rewards are many!”

Throughout almost two decades of managing a business, Joni has a few words of advice she’d like to share with aspiring business owners/managers.

“Be prepared for a bumpy but gratifying ride! Doing business in Sweetwater County is extremely fulfilling. It truly is a good place to be!”

?Give Trailhead Guns a call at (307) 382-9280

?Stop by at 515 Broadway Street in Rock Springs