#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Kolbi McKenzie | Elements Integrative Wellness Center

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Kolbi McKenzie | Elements Integrative Wellness Center

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals at local businesses in our community.

Recently I had a chance to catch up with Kolbi McKenzie, the owner, and operator of the multi-faceted Elements Integrative Wellness Center.

Kolbi has an extensive background in the medical field. Her vision for Elements was to create a wellness center that serves as an extension of the healthcare and mental health world. It gives providers the opportunity to take their patient care to the next level by adding healthcare and a nutrition center to their patient’s regimens.

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When a provider doesn’t have extended periods of time to review diets, exercises, medication schedules, and mental health – the knowledgeable staff at Elements can spend the extra time to help them on their way to optimum health.

During Kolbi’s career, she’s had the opportunity to work for some of the very best doctors, nurses, and medics. She has worked in several fields from respiratory, OB/Gyn, emergency medicine to hospice care.

While she learned important lessons in all of those areas, she found her calling in Grief and Bereavement work.

“My Hospice Supervisors (Pam Jelaca and Teddy VanKam) perhaps taught me the most important lesson in life. We are not here to add days to people’s lives; we are here to add quality to their days.”

– Kolbi McKenzie

Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to experience some of the services offered at Elements and I can honestly say that adding quality to people’s days is exactly what they are accomplishing.

And that’s what inspired Kolbi to bring Elements to life. “In a world of medical misinformation and uncertainty, our providers are inundated and stretched to the limits. The purpose behind Elements is to be an extension of their reach to help them guide their patients through their personal wellness journey until they reach the quality of life that is acceptable to them,” explained Kolbi. “Healthcare providers, we’ve got your back!”

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As you can imagine, being able to help improve people’s health and quality of life is extremely rewarding, so I had to ask Kolbi about her favorite experiences so far.

Because of the state-of-the-art equipment Elements has available, their knowledge, and their compassionate approach, Kolbi, and her team have witnessed watching a client’s blood pressure drop from a dangerously high level to a normal level in one Constitutional Hydrotherapy Session! They’ve also witnessed a young patient who had a stroke walk into their building to get her Hyperbaric treatment without the use of her wheelchair.

Inspiring Hope Again

Elements Integrative Wellness Center has so much to offer. They have several modalities such as IR Sauna, Ocean Float Therapy, Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Hyperbaric Chamber, Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Therapy, Foot Zone Practitioners, Meditation and Mindfulness Classes, TRX, Yoga, Cardiopulmonary Rehab (Next Steps), IV Therapy, B-12 injections, blood draw lab, Doctor of Naturopathic medicine, a chef and so much more.

Elements also has two base programs E- 180 which is a new innovative approach to drug and alcohol addiction as well as E- 360 which is 360 degrees of Wellness these programs include several of the modalities working in unison with each other to help our bodies achieve optimal health.

It’s not a secret that opening up a new business comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest challenges Kolbi has faced so far is educating the community and changing a culture that believes that you must either practice naturopathic medicine or conventional medicine. “To achieve optimal health they should work in unison with one another. We are overcoming by being vigilant about educating clients and patients each time they are in our facility,” explained Kolbi.

The Elements Team

But Kolbi and her team are always up for a challenge and they will continue to work to improve the overall wellness of the people in our community.

When I asked Kolbi about her favorite aspect of being a business owner, she explained how much she loves being able to hire Rock Springs High School students and watch them grow and expand their knowledge about Naturopathic Medicine.

She also enjoys being an asset to the community and being able to give back and participate in local fundraisers when needed.

“I love, love when our community rallies together to help its members, recently when our town flooded neighbors, RSPD, REFD worked together to save one house after another- mine included. I love being a part of the business community that could give back.”

Elements Integrative Wellness center officially opened right before the COVID-19 pandemic began and when I asked Kolbi if she had any advice for aspiring business owners this is what she said…

“Never. Ever. Open a business at the beginning of a Global Pandemic!” Although, we are thankful she did!

Give Elements Integrative Wellness Center a call at 307-352-9602

Stop by and say hi at 120 Winston Drive Suite 101 in Rock Springs

Learn more about Elements on their website HERE

Keep up with Elements on Facebook HERE