#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Randall Tryzbiak | Randall’s Holistics

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Randall Tryzbiak | Randall’s Holistics

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community.

This week, I had a chance to catch up with Randall Tryzbiak. Randall is the owner and operator of the CBD shop in downtown Rock Springs, Randall’s Holistics. 

Randall is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about each and every CBD product on his shelves. 

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At Randall’s Holistics you can find a variety of organic CBD products that may help with PTSD sleep-related issues, anxiety, inflammation (internally & externally), pain relief, acne, arthritis, and more!

Randall has lived in Rock Springs for the past 12 years. When the CBD market started growing and after seeing the benefits of CBD products, Randall decided to open up his own shop in Rock Springs less than a year ago.

He was also inspired to open up his shop by his long-time friend, Steve Rose. Steve grows hemp at Oregon’s premier farm-to-table hemp farm, Dream Farms.

The products at Randall’s Holistics are made at Dream Farms in Oregon from the hemp grown on-site.

Randall has made it his mission to explain the benefits and misconceptions about CBD products and educate the community on snake oils (a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for diseases).

For the past year, Randall’s biggest challenge has been having people being afraid of what he’s selling. 

“A lot of people assume it’s a ‘weed shop’. I’m working on educating people. CBD is not Marijuana, it won’t get you high and it provides NATURAL health benefits that help people get off expensive pharmaceuticals that a lot of the time have harsh side effects,” explained Randall. 

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Educating the community on CBD products may be a challenge, but it’s also one of the parts of owning a CBD shop that Randall enjoys most.

“I love being able to meet and educate and introduce my neighbors, friends, and community to a natural product that provides a solution,” said Randall. “One of the most rewarding feelings is seeing someone’s opinion change after being skeptical about CBD related products.”

When I asked Randall about his favorite moment of being in business so far, he told me about a couple of customers who came to him looking for something to ease arthritis pain. 

“Two different customers have come into the shop after being referred by a local practicing doctor. They both purchased CBD infused cream for arthritis and joint pain.”

Randall has learned a few things throughout his journey of being a business owner that he’d like to share with aspiring business owners.

“Owning a business is full of ups and downs – try not to get discouraged and do something you believe in.”

?Give Randall a call (307) 371-7050

? Keep up with Randall’s Holistics on Facebook HERE

?Stop by at 137 C Street in Downtown Rock Springs