#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Tamara Creager | EZ-Cash Manager


Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community.

This week, I had the chance to catch up with Tamara Creager. Tamara is the Manager at EZ-Cash in Rock Springs.

EZ-Cash is a Wyoming company that provides financial services to Wyoming residents. Rock Springs is one of four branch locations offering a variety of services to the community including; Payday Advance Loans, Check Cashing, Consumer Loans, Prepaid Debit Cards, Western Union and Notary.

Tamara has been an EZ-Cash employee since mid-April of this year. She says the biggest challenge she’s faced since taking on the position has been securing consumer confidence with what is essentially a new branch.

The Rock Spring location has recently received a complete makeover in both management and Finance Specialists. Although EZ-Cash itself is an established company, Tamara explained it was necessary to re-brand this branch.


Courteous, Confidential, Convenient

New Finance Specialists with an impressive resume of prior lending experience specific to the industry are now in place with the goal of customer service.

“We have focused our marketing on customer awareness so that the people we serve in our community know that we are professional lenders available to assist with a variety of financial solutions,” says Creager.

Tamara says it’s been exciting reshaping the position and that EZ-Cash has worked hard to build a team with fresh faces and ideas.

“Our potential for growth is limited only to our effort. We have increased our portfolio substantially in this short time and gained an average of 12 new customers per month,” says Tamara.

Tamara’s personal philosophy of success is that it requires equal parts attitude and effort. She believes it’s possible to put maximum effort into any project or task and complete it, but if you don’t have the right attitude then you won’t make an impact.

“Life is too short not to leave your mark.”

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Tamara has lived in Rock Springs for the majority of her life and the entirety of her career.

“I’m always pleasantly surprised how close-knit our community is and how easy it is to network for any given situation. Mention one business, local project or person and there are six degrees of separation. It makes it easy to connect to good people and we have a county full of them.”

If Tamara could give advice to any business owner or member of management it would be:

Your brand is a reflection of you so choose carefully and absolutely own it.

“As a consumer, when I look at a local business I see a face and a personality,” explains Tamara.

“It’s not just the products that I want or need it’s the character that I want to do business with that sells me. As a manager, empower your associates to want to be the face of your business. How they present to the consumer is how your business is perceived.”

📱 Call EZ-Cash at 307-362-2011

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📍 Stop by and see them at 2400 Foothill BLVD. Suite #1 in Rock Springs, WY