Hospital Responds to Deseret Issue; Calls Earlier Article “Sensational Journalism”

Hospital Responds to Deseret Issue; Calls Earlier Article “Sensational Journalism”

This statement, provided by the hospital, is written in response to the article posted after the hospital’s regular board meeting this Wednesday located here.


This week, emotions have flared after the urgent news that first, Deseret Rehab Center may have to close its doors within the next few weeks, and second, the one sensational comment from Jerry Klein pulled from a two-hour long board meeting.

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When you read a headline like “CEO threatens legal action” it definitely does the job it was created to do, stir people up. Here you have a leader of one of the largest organizations in the community and it looks like he isn’t willing to help a neighbor in need. In two paragraphs you get a sense that the hospital has refused care to these elderly residents and turned their back on their citizens.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

“My comments Wednesday night included my offer of assistance to the local staff and my views on the subject of this being a very dire situation. Although that didn’t make the story for the media, this hospital has offered and provided assistance to several other local healthcare facilities while I’ve been here, the majority of the time at no cost to them. Although the reporting done on the meeting lacked details, the context still remains true.

In the very recent past, Deseret administration has ‘dumped’ residents at the Memorial Hospital. It has been a very serious issue. After treatment was provided to the patient, Deseret refused to accept the resident back and that leaves our hospital staff and that individuals’ family in a bind, as we have to find somewhere they can receive adequate treatment. Many times this means the family is left scrambling as the hospital can’t hold that patient long-term. It’s not fair to the patient and it’s not fair to their families, “ said Jerry Klein, CEO


What is Patient Dumping

Although the word ‘dumping’ may sound like it lacks compassion, the act of patient dumping is an actual medical term that describes “the premature discharge of Medicare or indigent patients from facilities for economic reasons.”


“As of Thursday this week, myself personally as well as the Executive Assistant, Cindy Nelson, have tried to reach out to Deseret many times to see how we can assist with their food situation for the time being as well as their medical needs. After no response, I sent one of my administrative nurses over to their facility to assess their needs and offered to order their medical supplies for the next 60 days at zero cost to them. There is absolutely no reason that these residents should have to go without proper care due to the issues at the administration and corporate level. We have the resources to help and we’ve never turned anyone away. I know that at times over the years we’ve been kind of put out there as the “bad guy”, but our track record shows the opposite. We are here to help,” said Klein.

The hospital reports that at this time Deseret has not taken the offer, yet they have staff looking into the logistics of what may need to be ordered since the hospital itself has been experiencing record patient volumes in the last few months.


In closing, PR & Marketing Director, Gary Collins said, “All I ask in the future is that we are given fair media coverage. Cover the good and the bad, but cover it in detail so that we can have a fair shake. I was always under the impression that journalism was about covering the facts and letting the public form an opinion. This was not the case.”