Hospital Trustees Send County Commissioners Home With Golden Bedpan


ROCK SPRINGS — The Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Board of Trustees faced off against the Sweetwater County Commissioners in a friendly wager at the Red Tie Gala on Saturday.

The wager thrown down between the boards stipulated that the board which raised the most money would send the other board home with a gold bedpan to be displayed for the following year.

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The Memorial Hospital trustees put up a Bear Lake vacation as their item, which auctioned off for a whopping $7,300–the highest grossing item for the night.

The Sweetwater County Commissioners put up a gun that auctioned off for $2,600.

Sweetwater County Commissioner John Kolb, who is also the liaison for the hospital, said that it was kind of okay that they lost because everyone wins when the hospital raises money.

All in good fun, if this were a basketball game, one might say the hospital trustees mopped the floor with the county commissioners in this one. Better luck next year.

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